The audiobook is now available for sale!
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About the Audiobook

Since Pruno was published in February 2015, we have received countless requests for an audiobook. With the help of supporters, colleagues, friends, and family, we produced an amazing audiobook with some wonderfully talented people.

The Voices of the Audiobook

Some amazing people are joining the fight to end wrongful convictions and free the innocent suffering in our prisons. The talented cast of women and men who lent their voices to telling the stories in Pruno include household names and performers at the very beginning of their careers. Even if you read the book, hearing the stories as a performance brings new meaning to the words of the exonerees, their friends and family, and even our own words. We are so grateful to everyone who lent their voice to Pruno Audiobook. We are contractually prohibited from mentioning some names, so we will mention no names, BUT you can download a sample for a sneak preview.

Thank You

So many people who helped make Pruno Audiobook a reality. Our publicist, Ginger Campbell of SNAP Productions, asked us to give her our wish list of people we wanted to invite to read a story or narrate the book. Our list was c-r-a-z-y, but Ginger took us seriously and started asking. She helped us get both of our narrators and some really wonderful performers in the early days of the project.

Liz M.C. Graves directed and produced most of the performances, but she is so much more than a director/producer. Liz helped us find incredibly talented performers, some of whom we didn’t think we had a chance of getting. Liz also introduced us to Jeff Danis at DPN Talent, who had an uncanny ability to pair a story with a performer, and Suzanne Hollingshead at Eleven Sound, who worked quickly and professionally to get all of these stories done within our tight timetable and budget. Other professionals Liz introduced to us include Terry Berland (Terry Berland Casting), Mindy Verson at Stir Post Audio, Carolyn Robbins, L.A. Studios, and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, among others.

Charles Johnson, joined our team as a sound engineer, but his involvement morphed into music guru, graphic designer, and miracle worker. Jeanelle Warren of JellowQuake Productions manages this website and will be helping us with other media offerings.

We also are incredibly grateful to Adam Chase and Kimberly Nguyen of Cooley for their legal guidance; Dana Nachman and Craig Gower for directing and engineering our recording sessions at Santa Clara University’s recording studio; Richard Larkin of SAG/AFTRA; and all of our friends and family members who patiently listened to our never-ending ideas, supported our crowdfunding campaigns, responded to our Facebook posts, and supported our crazy work hours, including during vacations!

Most importantly, thank you to our donors!