2,000 Innocent Prisoners Freed!

Written by Nikki Pope

On the seventh of March in this seventeenth year,

We have reached a key milestone. A big one it’s clear.

There are two thousand innocent people now free.

By the end of the day, maybe two thousand three!


To each woman and man who are now out of jail,

We will keep up the good fight and we will not fail!

With so many in prison, we know there are more.

Could it even be one hundred thousand times four!?


If you care about justice, and want things done right.

Don’t just lie awake thinking about it each night.

Go to town halls and rallies and meetings each week.

Fight for truth! Be real bold! Get the justice you seek!


Here are three things you can do to help:


1. Buy a copy of Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope. Sales proceeds help exonerees!

2. Insist that your local law enforcement adopts best practices like the DOJ recommendation for eyewitness identification.

3. Find out if an innocence project near you needs help and pitch in!


It is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer.” – Benjamin Franklin