Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope

Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope: Stories of Surviving Wrongful Conviction tells the stories of men and women who have been wrongfully convicted in the United States and then exonerated from prison. While prison is not a pleasant place, the men and women who tell their stories also share some of their happier experiences. The title of our book evokes some of these memories.

Pruno is the alcoholic beverage made in prison from anything with sugar and left to ferment.

Ramen is the currency in prison. Most prisons are non-smoking environments, so packages of ramen noodles replaced cigarettes as currency.

We added the Side of Hope as a bit of homage to our initial idea to publish a prison food cookbook. When we spent time with these amazing men and women, they showed us there was so much more to share than recipes for nachos, spreads, and chili mac. We’re so grateful. We saw in them examples of resilience, humility, and faith that should be shared.

Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope is available through online retailers. If you order above, we receive a small commission on the sale, which we share with these brave men and women. Please forward this website to your friends and family and encourage them to purchase a copy of our book.

While Pruno tells the story of only ten men and women, there are hundreds of equally compelling stories—over 1660 and counting. Our plan is to tell more of these stories and turn this website into a place where exonerees and their families and friends can share their stories, art, and poetry.

We’re planning a spring tour to promote Pruno. Check back often for the locations and dates of book signings and discussions. We’d love to meet you and you can learn more about the innocence movement and meet some of the exonerees featured in Pruno.