Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope

A little over a year ago, Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope: Stories of Surviving Wrongful Conviction was published. Pruno tells the stories of men and women who have been wrongfully convicted in the United States and then exonerated from prison. While prison is not a pleasant place, the men and women who tell their stories also share some of their happier experiences. The title of our book evokes some of these memories.

Pruno received some attention and even a little acclaim, but we came far short of our goal to generate enough sales to provide income to the exonerees who shared their stories with us and you. We made one small donation to a nonprofit that provides legal defense services to the wrongfully convicted. But we felt our job was still unfinished.

How could we grab the public’s attention? What could we do to amp up the message?

We decided to produce an audio version after so many of you asked us if there would be an audiobook. We enlisted our friends, family, and some voices you’ll recognize to help us produce an amazing audiobook telling the exonerees’ stories and sharing their poetry and recipes. We’re planning to release Pruno Audiobook in late October, just in time for your holiday shopping! In the meantime, listen to a sample.


You can help us make the Pruno Audiobook a huge success. We want to share these stories with everyone in the country. We’re hoping to be invited, with the exoneree storytellers and the performers, to visit ABC-TV’s The View to introduce the audiobook to everyone. Please go to ABC’s website and send a message asking them to introduce Pruno Audiobook on the show. Send a tweet to Candi Carter (@candincarter), the show’s executive producer.

The audiobook is now available for sale!
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Please tell your friends and family to support the cause and help those who have been wrongfully convicted.