Pruno, Ramen, and a Side of Hope

When we produced the Pruno Audiobook, our goal was to find another medium to get these stories told and get out the message about wrongful conviction. We were hoping to get some attention and generate enough downloads to make a difference in lives of our storytellers and their families.

On a dare, we entered the audiobook for an Audie Award. The Audies are the Grammy’s or Oscars of the audiobook world. When we received the notice that Pruno was a finalist in the multi-voice category, we were elated. Our little book project was starting to gain some recognition. AudioFile Magazine wrote a wonderful review and Pruno received the AudioFile Earphones Award given to “exceptional titles that bring you the best possible listening experience,” according to the AudioFile website.

“A diverse ensemble of voices creates a masterful program of personal essays and poems as well as the authors’ detailed overview of faults within our criminal justice system.” – an excerpt from the AudioFile review.


Our goal is to sell one million downloads before the end of the year. This will make for a great holiday for our exoneree storytellers. You can help us reach this aggressive, but attainable, goal. Sure, you can buy a copy (or another copy) and annoy your friends with requests to do the same. What would really help though are three things:

1. Media – we have three shows we’d like to get. Any one of them would make a big difference in sales. All three of them could mean we reach or one million downloads goal by the end of summer!

·  The View (the Whoopi connection should be a no-brainer, right?) – send a tweet to the show’s executive producer, Candi Carter, @candincarter

·  The Daily Show (Trevor Noah has had everybody and their grandmother on talking about their new books. COME ON TREVOR!) – send a tweet to @Trevornoah and demand that we get equal time!

·  Real Time with Bill Maher – send a tweet to @billmaher

2. Discussion Groups – encourage your book clubs, classes, schools, churches, any groups of people who are interested in criminal justice reform to choose the Pruno Audiobook for their next reading. In early June we held a video chat discussion with a Brooklyn charter school class. Listening to those young people was rejuvenating for us and the exoneree storyteller who joined us on the chat. We also had a conversation with a large church group in Chicago. If we’re available, we might join your group for a discussion.

3. Online Reviews – Audible and Amazon will promote Pruno Audiobook if we get a lot of good reviews. It only takes a moment and you could make a real difference in helping us get on an editor’s choice list. Post your review here.